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Guttestreker - Purple Suburbia

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Guttestreker - purple suburbia

Mål: 30cm x 42cm

Svart ramme



Oslo by night. Commissioned by one of the members of the rap-group 612. It depicts the childhood of the member who felt a huge distance between him and the enormous wealth he could see right outside his window.

Researchers have found that the stigma of being poor is bigger when it can be compared to close-by wealth. This young rapper grew up with some of the richest people in the land right next to him, while his situation was quite different.

He was mad at society and felt he didn’t fit in. So he lashed out and started with graffiti and shoplifting. While his biggest dream was to be a rapper and perform for thousands of people. He eventually reached that goal and is now are more fulfilled individual.

His mother is his closest friend and she always calls him and checks upon him. He feels very lucky to have such a loving mother in his life.


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